2018 stellar Occultations by TNOs, Centaurs and Trojans:

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Information about the predictions can be found in Lucky Star project web page and in Assafin et al. 2010 (for Pluto system predictions), Assafin et al. 2012 (for the TNO predictions) and Camargo et al. 2014 (for TNO and Centaur predictions). Please, do references about the predictions to Assafin et al. 2010 and 2012 or Camargo et al 2014 papers. Most predictions here are done with our own ephemeris, this is indicated on the top of the maps as NIMA ephem. NIMA-ephemeris is calculated by Josselin Desmars and provided by a numerical integration of the motion of the asteroid and by a fit to asteroid's observations Desmars et al. 2015. The observations come from Minor Planet Center and our own observations made at ESO, Pic du Midi, Calar Alto, Sierra Nevada and Observatorio do Pico dos Dias.

Visit Bruno Sicardy's bibliogaphy web page too see some of our publications.
Visit http://occresults.ga/  for all the results on TNO and Centaur occultations obtained so far.

We just entered on a new era for the stellar occultations! With Gaia DR2 catalogue, the prediction errors are much smaller due to a accuracy of the star position and to re-reduction of the objects observations with the referred catalogue associated and new orbit calculation.

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